Softy Satin Beanie

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Color: Softy Satin Beanie-white

Satin-lining protects hair from damage

The Ultimate Winter Cap For All Hair Types!

Whether you wear your hair naturally or just want to protect your hair from damage, our satin-lined winter hats are the solution you’ve been looking for! In 17 different colors and designs, your outfit will be perfect! 

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Satin Lining That Goes To the Edge!

Never leave the house without your satin-lined beanie, the ultimate lifesaver when it comes to keeping your hair perfect in harsh conditions, Walk into the office, school, or gym with every strand of hair perfectly laid against your head. 

Charcoal Grey Satin Lined Beanie Info Graphic

Knitted cotton beanie hat to keep warm in winter or autumn

Do not let yourself catch a cold. Keep your ears warm inside the fuzzy band, you will be thanking yourself during the cold harsh winter this year when you wear your Softy Satin Beanie! Made with silky smooth cotton on the outside and a satin silk-lined interior keeping your head super warm all day long! 

Satin Lined Knit Beanie Gray

17 Colors & Designs! 

Our beanie cap is extremely cool, with 11 optional colors; Dress your outfit up with the silk-lined beanie with a puffball or without, either way, your hair will be protected! Or Plain Jane If you like a more Plain Jane look you can choose your beanie without a puff ball.

The bottom of the hat is designed to be threaded and stretched to suit all sizes!

No need to worry about sizing, one size fits all with our Softy Satin Beanie! Great for stocking stuffers, wearing around the house, hikes in the mountains, a winter getaway, winter-themed Instagram pictures, or just simply keeping your head warm, and your hair perfect! 

Winter Hat Assortment

Design For Naturals By A Natural

No longer do you have to worry about squeezing your head into a tiny hat.  We have designed our winter hats to accommodate our hair size and needs

Satin lined hats
We COLOR Outside!!

Go outside and enjoy nature knowing you have the proper gear to keep your head warm, your hair perfect, and your outfit on point! 

Satin-Lined Beanie — Soie

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